The course of the Super Successful (SILVER) "A magnet for clients"

taught by Heidi Plumberg
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Heidi Plumberg
Heidi Plumberg
Ettevõtluse mentor ja koolitaja

About the instructor

Heidi on rõõmsa ja mängulise loomuga praktik ja koolitaja, kes on tänaseks aidanud enam kui tuhandel inimesel vabastada end alateadvuse blokeeringutest ja limiteerivatest uskumustest.

Heidi on lõpetanud TÜ majanduseteaduskonna, ta on ettevõtluse mentor, coach ja terapeut. Lisaks NPA rahvusvaheline õpetaja, raamatuautor ja koolitaja, ta on olnud ettevõtja 21 aastat. Heidi on 4 lapse ema.

Heidi kutsumus on inimesi toetada, andes nende käsutusse lihtsaid tööriistu, mille abil igaüks oma uskumusi ja elu muuta saab.

Enda suurimaks edulooks peab Heidi oma abikaasa selja tervenemist läbi mõttemustrite muutmise. Aastatepikkune valu, mida põhjustas selgroolülide vahelise diski väljasopistumine, kadus vaid tunniajalise töö tulemusel. 

Külasta ka mu kodulehte:

Do you want to increase your fees?

Do you want to scale your business to multiple six figures?

Do you want to increase your income by 4 times?

Do you want to learn HOW to sell out your high-end offerings only within weeks?

Oh, yes you DO. This is why you are here...

Find your beliefs and learn how to change those yourself! Use Heidi's help and knowledge to dive into your own subconscious mind!

So have you ever wondered why certain people are more successful than others?

Why some people make significantly more money than others?

It is not just about finances... It’s about setting and achieving meaningful goals! This is truly where success happens  – when you achieve something of value to you.

The differences between the richest and poorest people in the world are their everyday habits.

Do you know that our habits make up 40% of our working hours?

This means that we operate on autopilot a lot more than we admit to ourselves. 

We all have 24 hours. Even the richest man or woman has 24 hours in his/her day. So why they are doing so much more than you?

Yes, because of HABITS and beliefs!

It takes only 30 seconds and you can change your whole life and beliefs!


It's very important to know what do you want in life? Are you satisfied with everything? No? You want to have more success? More money?  

The problem is, many of your negative beliefs have nothing to do with what is actually true. Most people are living in an illusion but it's based on someone else's beliefs.  

This course will change everything. You will be successful if you are ready to do the work!


In this course, I introduce to you habits and beliefs of highly successful people

The most important task that you will have is to cultivate these habits and beliefs. So sooner or later they will be second-nature to you.

Once you do that your chances of success, be it financial, health or relationships will change.

Don't worry I won't teach you only basic dry theory. I will teach you HOW to make it happen. HOW to change your beliefs. HOW to be successful! You are going to be learning proven-to-work principles and techniques that successful people do on a daily basis!


  • You have the opportunity to analyze your current life and help yourself to understand why you feel stuck or not motivated enough
  • You will find your passion! What do YOU want to do? What makes YOU happy?
  • Changing your daily habits can help you to live a happier, richer and more meaningful life
  • You will have bigger goals
  • You will believe in yourself and you will know that you can succeed and be happier faster than you would ever imagine


  • How to deal with negative thoughts
  • How to understand and cope with your feelings and emotions
  • How to live your life to the fullest
  • How to make your dreams come true
  • How to be successful
  • How to elevate your self-identity, brand and sales revenue to a whole new level

Discover techniques that only a few know, but are guaranteed to make your life exactly the way YOU want it!

A magnet for clients: 

  • Business set up course! Be magnetic to money. Money is coming in every day!
  • 6-week course
  • Money beliefs
  • Sales beliefs
  • Attracting clients beliefs
  • Facebook support group
  • 3 calls with Heidi

Course Contents

3 Videos
2 PDFs